Skills for Care – Mandatory Training for Care Staff

FS Training and Consultancy is a registered member of Association of Healthcare Trainers. We provide Training’s for Healthcare assistants and nurses. We provide mandatory training’s along with many more essential training’s that will boost your experience in your occupation.

We ensure all applicants get the most recent training with quality knowledge. The skills you acquire with us would last you a life time. We make sure you get promising skills with work opportunities. With experienced Trainers we aim to provide the best service possible.

IT Solutions and training

FS Training and Consultancy offers a broad range of self-directed, online IT training and guides. These resources can be accessed from FSTCL’s online Learning platform “Foodle”.

Training and Development

FSTCL’s Training and development initiatives are educational activities within an organisation that are designed to improve the job performance of an individual or group. These programs typically involve advancing a worker’s knowledge and skill sets and instilling greater motivation to enhance job performance.